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Yvonne Gavan is a British journalist, writer and podcaster. 

She has written for a wide range of publications including The Telegraph, The Independent and Stylist and worked as a features writer on national titles such as Woman's Own. Since leaving the UK in 2013 with her husband and three children, Yvonne has lived in three continents, moving from an island in the Caribbean to the desert country of Botswana. And she is now based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


Her most recent project, The Tenderness Revolution, is a podcast that's grown out of her belief that when we focus on the moments of kindness and empathy in our lives - moments that have the capacity to profoundly shape who we are - we begin to witness ourselves and the world around us more fully. 


Guests are a mix of authors, high profile journalists and experts including Sunday Times bestselling writer, Clover Stroud, BBC presenter and former Telegraph celebrity interviewer, Matt Stadlen and author and parenting expert, clinical psychologist, Dr Laura Markham. 

Yvonne is currently working on a book to accompany the podcast.

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